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Orders over $150 ship free in the US*

Robert Herder Bird's Beak Knife


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A "kitchen essential" according to the experts at Food & Wine magazine. With its razor sharp hooked blade and 4-inch ergonomic handle, this artisan-crafted tourné knife is designed specifically for precision peeling and tight work with small / delicate fruits and vegetables. Whether it's fluting mushrooms, trimming tops off strawberries, or slicing up ripe stone fruit for baking—no job is too petit for the bird's beak knife.

Produced by Robert Herder in Solingen, the so-called "City of Blades" and center of the German sword- and knife-making industry dating back to the Middle Ages. Known for its signature windmill marque (the Windmuhlenmesser), Robert Herder manufactures cutlery of exceptional quality, and employs an age-old traditional method know as the "Solingen Fine Grind" which results in a sharper, finer blade.

As their expert craftsmen like to say, "Each knife is a new masterpiece."

Carbon steel blade; cherrywood handle.


Care: Wipe with a soft cloth after use or hand washing. Wash and dry promptly after use to prevent corrosion. 

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Total Length: 6.25"

Blade length: 2.5"

Made in Germany