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Orders over $150 ship free in the US*
Orders over $150 ship free in the US*

Manufacture de Digoin Melon Pitcher


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An exceptional French pichet and an embodiment of the particularly French obsession with form and function. This magnificent pitcher does not simply store and pour your liquids—it does so with commanding style. This is not something you hide away in a cupboard. It's a piece of art that gets the job done, too.

Made by Manufacture de Digoin from locally sourced sandstone clay, and fired at over 1200*F for enhanced durability. Manufacture de Digoin is a Burgundian pottery concern with origins dating back to 1875. The nearly defunct operation was revitalized in 2014, and now produces both classic French pottery and contemporary designs. 

Height: 7"  Volume: 1.5 liter

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