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Free Shipping on US Orders Over $100*

Douk-Douk Folding Knife


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The most interesting pocketknife in the world!

First produced in 1929 by the Cognet family in the French knifemaking city of Thiers. Originally intended for sale in France's South Pacific colonies, the Douk Douk's folded steel handle features an depiction of the Malensian spirit-god of doom. With its lightweight feel, slender profile and razor sharp scimitar blade, the Douk Douk found exceptional popularity in North Africa, and is associated with the Algerian uprising and the National Liberation Front. 

Folding blade comes in either stainless or carbon steel.

Care: Keep the blade dry to prevent rust from forming on the carbon steel blade. Wipe with a soft cloth after hand washing.

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Made in France.

Open: 6.5"

Closed: 3.5"