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Orders over $100 ship free in the US*
Orders over $100 ship free in the US*

Checked Cotton "Pit" Towel


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This multi-colored cotton hand towel is so named for its traditional association with German miners. Legend has it that the first pit towels were made from remnants of fancier textile production, and the scrap towels were sold to miners and other workers who needed sturdy—and preferably dark-colored towels—to clean-up the sorts of tough grit and stubborn grime one associates with hard days moving dirt and stone. 

So whatever level mess or spill you're facing in your home, we assure you, with its generous size and exceptional absorbency, the pit towel is up to the challenge. 

please note: we have no control over the color variation in the weaving, and cannot guarantee that the towel you order will exactly match the ones pictured here. Almost every towel is different, which is part of the charm. See the second photo for an idea of color variation. Some towels will differ significantly from the photos, but all are in keeping with the style.

100% cotton.

Warm wash, no bleach.

Dimensions: 18” x 35”