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Orders over $100 ship free in the US*

Snapshots from Holland

We were lucky enough to experience perfect, sunny weather during our time in the Netherlands, giving us lots of opportunities for long walks and cycling trips around both Utrecht and Amsterdam. Here are a few snapshots from around town:

A lovely address in Amsterdam.

Great neon at a hardware store in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

More neon signs at De Witte Tanden Winkel-- "The White Tooth Store"-- on one of the "nine little streets" in the Jordaan, in Amsterdam.

A warm stroopwafel-- the most perfect food ever invented. "Eet smakelijk" means "bon appeitit!"

Fabric being loaded into a van at the Saturday fabric market in Utrecht. It is the oldest fabric market in the Netherlands, and began as a linen market in 1597.

A stained glass atelier in Utrecht. We saw beautiful stained glass everywhere in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

We also saw lots of cats, outside and in bars and restaurants. 

A canal house in Utrecht.

And of course, frites! We had ours with mayonnaise and peanut sauce.


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